1.Photoshoot Conditions 

The cost of the photo session depends on the location (Antalya Center, Belek, Kemer, Side, Fethiye, etc.), month (High season — Off season)*, and the number of people participating in the photoshoot. Please inquire about the current cost. 

Booking of the date is confirmed upon payment of the deposit. If the photoshoot is canceled at the client’s initiative, the deposit is non-refundable. In case of rain, the shoot can be rescheduled for another date or time. All unedited images (JPG Format) will be provided in their original resolution via a file share link within 2 days of shooting. You can select photos for custom editing yourself. If you prefer to receive the content in raw format, please notify me before the start of the photo shoot. There is an additional fee of $100 for uploading raw files. 

The selection of photos to be retouched is allowed within one month. If no selection is made within this period, I consider my job completed. If you prefer not to choose photos, let me know in advance, and I will choose according to my preferences. The processing time depends on my workload and the month of the shoot, ranging from 1 to 3 weeks. An additional option is urgent processing (2 days) with an extra cost of $100. 

You can download the photos within 1 month from the shooting date; the deletion date is specified in the link. After the system deletes the download file link, it will automatically delete the original pictures from the cloud too. I do NOT keep the original pictures. I hold only your edited pictures for 1 year in my private cloud!!! Re-uploading edited photos costs $50. The total number of photos taken during the session is approximately 150-300 per hour. 

The remaining balance at the photoshoot is paid in cash as specified. 

2.What is included in the process? 

Color correction, light and shadow adjustment, skin retouching (removing acne, bruises, scratches, softening skin tone), teeth whitening if necessary, regional body shaping (within reasonable limits) if necessary, and removing people from the background of photos on the beach. 

Extensive skin retouching is done for large portraits, while light skin smoothing is applied for full body photos. 

 3.What is not included in the process? I don’t remove hotel wristbands in Photoshop. I don’t erase tan lines from bikinis (choose clothes accordingly). I don’t iron your clothes; I don’t dye your hair. I don’t do your makeup or manicure. I’m not shaving you. I do not lengthen or shorten your hair. I don’t remove buildings in the background. I don’t draw objects that weren’t originally there or repaint clothes. 

 If you want more edited photos than included in the package, additional photos can be ordered for $7 each. Note that being late for the shoot is not acceptable; tardiness will affect the shoot’s duration. Please arrive a little early. 

Fully confidential shooting, with no use or backstage creation, incurs an additional cost of $100. When you book a photoshoot with me, you are agreeing to my vision for photography and editing style, and you are indicating that you have no objections to the use of the photographs in my portfolio. 

 Additional Services: 

 Drone video 


Yacht rental 

Rental of a Flying dress 

Rental of a giant hat for bikini photos 

Makeup artist 

Hair Stylist 


Professional Wedding Organizer 

VIP Tour with an official tourist guide (German, English, Russian language) 

 Note: *High Season: Between the beginning of May and the end of October Off Season: Between the beginning of November and the end of April